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Testing LAN on Wifi Yosemite


As a continuation on my previous post (3) I've been doing additional tests.

Finally I managed to install a web server in the LAN, and I change my tests to include it:

# Network checking script
 while true; do 
        # By doing this, I check only the TCP part of the connection and DNS is not involved
/usr/local/sbin/check_http -H www.google.es -I -u / -t 3; 
if [ "x$?" != "x0" ]; then
echo "HTTP Failure. "
        # My web server is in another box, in the IP
  /usr/local/sbin/check_http -H localhost -I -p 81 -u / -t 3; 
if [ "x$?" != "x0" ]; then
echo "LOCAL HTTP Failure. "
/usr/local/sbin/check_dns -H www.google.es -s -t3; 
if [ "x$?" != "x0" ]; then
echo "Fallo DNS."
echo -n "# Connections: "; netstat -n -p tcp | wc -l ; 
sleep 1; 


So, the first HTTP check is about internet, the second one is for a web server in LAN, and the third, is for a DNS in internet.

When failing, I got this result:
This is a 
CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 3 seconds
HTTP Failure. 
HTTP OK: HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 11566 bytes in 0,015 second response time |time=0,015339s;;;0,000000 size=11566B;;;0
DNS OK: 0,010 seconds response time. www.google.es returns|time=0,009805s;;;0,000000

# Connections:       14

The problem is localized in the router part on my pair Wifi device/ MBA as other devices work well with my Wifi device (that I can't change because it's capped by provider).

I tried to install a Wifi USB device (Cisco Linksys WUSB54GC but it seems it's a bit outdated), so I'm working on using VirtualBox to redirect the USB device to a VM with Linux, then configure that Wifi device inside the VM, and finally, redirect all the OS X traffic through the VM. I'll publish my results whenever I finish.

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